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Engine Diagnostics from £39

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Why Diagnose a Fault?

If you have a warning light on your car’s dashboard, your engines ECU (computer to you and me) has detected a fault or faults that can affect your engine, brakes, airbag system or gearbox from operating correctly.

An engine diagnostic scan can give an early indication of a problem which could save you money in the future by indicating the fault at the earliest moment. Usually an engine light will illuminate before anything major has happened and the need for costly and expensive parts.

Having a diagnostic check can give you the information on whats faulty and enables you to contact local garages for the best quote for repair rather than leaving your car at a garage and awaiting an unexpected bill.

Call 07917 008544 to book an Engine Diagnostic Check!

Customer Feedback

Had an ABS light on my dash and a light that was constantly on. Mercedes wanted over £90 to have a look. Rang this man he came out promptly had a look through my cars computer and cleared the lights and told me why they were on.

Gave me the confidence to drive my car whilst the new parts were on order for my local mechanic to fit in my day off.

Thank you Sean I’ve been ripped off by garages but you have been so kind and gone beyond what I expected!


Excellent service, I can only recommend! My car broke down early in the morning on my way to work at a petrol station just outside Coventry and Sean came already at 9 am although it initially looked that it may took him more time to get there. He diagnosed my car thoroughly, started it (flat battery) and followed me to work in case the engine stopped working again

The car managed to my workplace but there the engine would not start again at all when turned off and a new battery was needed. Sean instructed me and my boyfriend in details where to buy it for a good price and how to change it, and everything was sorted out in the next three hours when my boyfriend turned up and changed the battery to a new one. Sean was also available on the phone at that time to answer some additional questions that we had.

Asteria B

What a great guy this Sean. Had a dead battery, my car couldn’t start at all no matter how hard I tried, called him Saturday morning and he turned up even earlier than expected. He jump started the car at my very big amazement, what a magician! I tried to drive it around in my area so I could charge the battery while he was already gone, car engine cut off. Called him again while he was already in Nuneaton, he made himself available and came back from Nuneaton to help me again for the second time free of charge.

What a great, friendly and also funny fella this Sean. He also gave me lots of advice. I will definitely do business again with this bloke and I strongly recommend his services to anybody out there. Sean, once again thanks a lot for everything.

Theo N